Friends of Lisa Borba
Friends of Lisa Borba

Clean, Affordable Water.  Please Conserve!

Hello Friends,  WE WON!  Thank you for affirming that I am the right person to represent you as the Division 1 Director on the Contra Costa Water District Board.  I am honored by your confidence.  The future holds so much possibility, and with this resounding victory, I am energized and look forward to the future!


While the election websites are reporting about a 30% voter turnout, I see that our Division exceeded that with a 55% Voter Turnout!  I'm so proud to be living in this beautiful area filled with people who care about what happens around them. 


On Election Day, November 4, 2014, I spent the morning at the Board of Supervisors' Meeting in Martinez where they honored Bette Boatmun for her 40 years of service on the CCWD Water Board - among her many other community volunteer positions.  Bette is a pioneer for all women in politics and someone I especially hold in high esteem.


The Board of Supervisors also took the time to honor our friend and fellow Boardmember Vice President Karl Wandry who passed away in late October.  He was the voice of calm and reason when emotions ran hot during the Los Vaqueros construction and the Expansion.  I will miss many things about not having him by my side at the dias, and it will be especially sad not to have his "singing tie" serenade us at our late December meeting this year.  Peace to Karl and his family.



Hello Friends,


Since April 2010 when I was appointed to fill a vacancy, I have been the Division 1 Director for the Contra Costa Water District, and it has been a rewarding 4 years.  My goal as a Citizen Board Member, and my commitment to you has always mirrored the district’s Mission Statement “To provide a reliable supply of high quality water at the lowest cost possible, in an environmentally responsible manner”.   I bring no other agenda to the Board.


In my first term as Director, we saw the completion of the fourth environmentally screened intake from the Delta, and the 160,000 acre-foot expansion of the Los Vaqueros Reservoir.  These projects and others - $1Billion funded by the ratepayers with the foresight of conservative minds - have made all the difference for us with the current drought conditions.  For today, we have asked customers to voluntarily conserve 15% (which has been exceeded!) because we have 120,000 acre-feet of storage in the reservoir and the flexibility to pump water safely at multiple points from our beautiful Delta.  Without these projects we would be in mandatory drought conservation measures for sure!  Keep up the good work!!!


I am very satisfied with the forward-looking 10-year Capital Improvement Plan and two-year Budgets that I have approved over the years.  As a Board Member, I’ve found great satisfaction to have been able to approve big and small projects that employ teams of people and pay living wages that help keep the local economy going.  I do this with the ratepayers in mind, and for the purpose of keeping the water system maintained and ready for what the future brings us.  I am also very proud that under my watch, CCWD received the very first “Transparency in Government” Award from the California Special Districts Association.


I am excited for the regional partnerships that I have recently helped foster - with East Bay MUD, with Alameda County Water and with the Byron Bethany Irrigation District.  We have developed agreements to store water in our Las Vaqueros Reservior for the benefit of these agencies during this time of drought.  The volume is not large, and none of the stored water is needed by our current customers, and each agency is paying for all costs to store and handle the water.  In addiiton to sharing capacity in Los Vaqueros, I approved a partnership agreement between multiple California agencies and private companies who depend on the Delta for their water  or business, to shore up the levee around Bacon Island.  The most powerful result of these partnerships is Regional Reliability. We will show the State how it can be done regionally...without any big ticket, unsupported tunnel projects!


I remain committed to you, the ratepayers, and will maintain a keen eye over your water rates,.  I will continue to do so with the environment and conservation in mind.    Please keep up the good conservation work, and feel free to contact me with any requests or questions.  


For this election, and for the future, please be sure you are registered to vote. 


You can register online at or pick up an application at the Contra Costa County Elections Department (555 Escobar, Martinez), public library DMV or US Post Office.  


Vote by Mail and In Person Votes must be submitted by 8pm on election Day November 4th.


In 2010 and again in 2014, I have the honor of being endorsed by the following people.


Jim Frazier, Assemblymember, 11th District


CCWD Board Members

Joe Campbell, President

Karl Wandry

Bette Boatmun

John Burgh


County Supervisors

District 1 John Gioia

District 2 Candace Andersen

District 3 Mary Piepho

District 4 Karen Mitchoff

District 5 Federal Glover


Concord Councilmembers

Dan Helix

Tim Grayson, Mayor

Laura Hoffmeister

Ron Leone

Guy Bjerke (previous member)

Helen Allen (previous member)

Bill Shinn (previous member)


Martinez Councilmembers

Rob Schroder, Mayor

Michael Menesini

Mark Ross

Lara DeLaney

Annamarie Avila Farias

Janet Kennedy (previous member)


Pittsburg Councilmembers

Sal Evola, Mayor

Pete Longmire

Will Casey

Nancy Parent

Ben Johnson


Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades


Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County, AFL-CIO


Soroptimist International of Pittsburg members


Soroptimist International of Diablo Vista members


AAUW- Concord members


Diane Burgis, Councilmember City of Oakley,  and newly elected EBRPD Board Member


EBMUD Board President John Coleman

EBMUD Ward 7 Frank Mellon


CCCSD Michael McGill


Contra Costa County DA Mark Peterson


De'Shawn Woolridge, Pittsburg Unified School Board Trustee


Judith Ann Dawson, Ambrose Recreation and Park District


Mae Cendana-Torlakson, Ambrose Recreation and Park District



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